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Content guidelines

These are guidelines for creating videos or other derivative material involving Unreal Life.

Last updated June 4th, 2020

・​Video guidelines

These guidelines are about Let's Plays, streams, and other types of videos.

*The guidelines are subject to change without notice.

■Things you can do

As long as you follow these guidelines, feel free to stream or upload "Let's Play" videos of Unreal Life, and monetize these videos if you want to. I hope both you and your viewers will enjoy it!

Here are some logos, etc. to use for the thumbnails. Feel free to use them!

▼Thumbnail materials (images, logos)

■Things you should do

The more people watch Let's Plays of Unreal Life, the fewer are going to buy the game. Therefore, it would be appreciated if you included a link to Unreal Life's official site in the video or stream description. This can help people who liked the game find information, merchandise, etc. related to the franchise.

I hope both the game itself and any creative content involving it can thrive together!

▼Unreal Life official site URL

You can also use this link (a message to those who have watched videos about the game)

If possible, do not mute the game as you play it. The soundtrack includes a song with vocals, but you will not be copyright striked.

■Things you cannot do

The following are not permitted, and, if found, will result in a request to take your video down.

*If you find material in violation of these guidelines, reports would be much appreciated.

  • Illegal content

  • Content that infringes on the intellectual property of those involved in the creation of Unreal Life, or other individuals

  • Slander, explanation-only videos, text-only videos, videos involving mods or pirated copies of the game

  • Doing or saying things that try to prevent other people from creating their own Let's Plays of Unreal Life

  • Indecent content not included in the game

  • Content that violates the video platform guidelines

  • For console versions of the game, content that violates the console manufacturer's guidelines (external guidelines take priorities over Unreal Life's)


▼Example: Nintendo's video sharing guidelines

​*Be careful as Unreal Life for the Nintendo Switch may include content which is owned by Nintendo.

・Videos without commentary or that simply show the game (Nintendo Switch's share function aside)

■For a better playing experience

  • (On Nintendo Switch™) you can open the settings menu by pressing the "+" button on the title screen.

  • When streaming the game, I believe that the smooth font is easier to read than the pixel one.

  • (On Nintendo Switch™) you can also advance the dialogue with the analog stick.

  • Every time you examine an object or encounter certain events, the game is automatically saved. (However, in the Nintendo Switch™ version, there is a 30-second interval between autosaves.)

*If the game does not respond, please try to restart it and play from the last autosave or a save from the previous chapter.

If the game freezes while you are streaming, please refer to the bugfix report.

■Additional information (highlight to see)

  • The average time for Let's Players to finish the game is 8 hours.

  • -The game has 4 different endings.


・Company guidelines

We cannot respond to inquiries related to Nintendo's guidelines. Please contact their support centers.

・​Derivative material guidelines

These guidelines apply to individuals, clubs, and other organizations without corporate status.

They do NOT apply to companies and organizations.

■Things you can do

You can create, distribute, and sell merchandise (comic books, games, videos, photobooks, etc.), including online, based on Unreal Life 
You can hold events for the purpose of creating derivative material of Unreal Life, either as an individual or as an organization without corporate status.
You can monetize events and participate in monetized events.
You can create adult-only derivative material, but please refrain from creating anything too intense.

■Things you cannot do

You cannot use content from the game or this homepage, as well as other content copyrighted by "hako life" or the other entities involved in the creation of Unreal Life.
You cannot mislead users into believing that your derivative creation is official Unreal Life material.
You cannot sell content that includes intellectual property from both Unreal Life and other games.
You cannot create and publish sequels or spin-offs to Unreal Life.
You cannot sell derivative content as a commercial publishing company.
You cannot infringe on intellectual properties from third parties (eg: including music in your content without permission)

You cannot create and publish derivative Unreal Life content that includes religious or political depictions.

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