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To those who only know about Unreal Life from Let's Plays or streams

Hello, I'm hako life, an independent video game developer.

First of all, I would like to thank you for watching videos of Unreal Life.

I hope that you enjoyed the game together with the creator of the videos.

If you liked Unreal Life, there's a little favor I'd like to ask you.

If you know someone who still doesn't about the game but would probably like it, please tell them about it!

If you are a fan of a streamer or Let's Player who hasn't played Unreal Life yet and who would probably like it, please tell them about it!

I believe people who have only watched videos of Unreal Life to have experienced the game as well, and games thrive on the recommendations of those who have experienced them.

By the way, if you want to show the game to someone without spoiling them, I suggest using the trailer (it shows less than 10% of the game's content)

>Unreal Life trailer

Or you could show them the list of works that have inspired Unreal Life...

>Works that inspired this game

If the videos you have watched did not show all the endings (there are four in total), please watch them all, for example through other videos. Of course I'd love if you would buy the game to play it for yourself, but I understand that doing so after having watched a playthrough could be daunting...

And if you'd like, please consider buying some Unreal Life merchandise, such as the OST!

As someone who makes games for a living, this would help me a lot.

I hope you'll keep loving Unreal Life,

hako life

new 2021.06.05


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