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A girl who can see the memories of things meets a talking traffic light.
They start their journey together through a strange city to find her lost memories.


Nintendo Switch package version will be released on August 24, 2023!(*In Japan)


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Read this if you want to make a Let's Play or derivative works.

You can read this to decide whether to buy the game or after you have played it.

soundtrack etc.

If you've only watched LPs or streams of Unreal Life and liked the game, I have a little favor to ask you.

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This is a list of all the bugs I am aware of. If you encounter a bug while playing, please refer to this list.




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Unreal Life is a puzzle adventure game.

The protagonist can see the memories of the things she touches.

Compare these memories with the present to find hints and solve puzzles.


Collaboration goods with Village Vanguard are available until May 28, 2023!