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​・Requests for the fans

If you loved Unreal Life, I'd like to ask a couple things of you.

■Please avoid doing the following

・Don't use Unreal Life characters as profile icons in public forums (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, TikTok, etc.). You can use them as headers, etc. though!

⇒This is because people tend to associate the things that someone says online to the icon they are using.

・Don't tell people who haven't played the game (and have only, for example, watched videos) that they are not "real" fans.

⇒If you liked the game, then you can call yourself a fan.

・Don't insult people who don't like Unreal Life

⇒Everyone has the right to their opinion, and I will personally judge how to think of negative feedback. If you read something you don't agree with, you can just ignore it.

・If you find something that goes against the guidelines, please report it.

⇒When you're in the right and someone else is in the wrong, we tend to become aggressive. But please report them without getting mad at them.

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